Adults Gymnastics

We pride ourselves on offering expert coaching to adults as well as children, which unfortunately is not the case in a lot of gyms that say they provide adults classes but in reality leave you to do your own thing without the support you really want.

Every session is led by a qualified coach, you then you have the option of working with a coach on specific skills, or if you prefer to be more independent, the gym can be used as you wish (so long as it safe!).

Class Structure
All sessions focus mainly on Tumbling & Trampette skills. Sessions include;-

  • Cardio Exercises
  • Warm-up stretches
  • Basic gymnastics skill
  • Stations: Trampette or Tumbling Drills working towards round offs, backflips, somersaults etc.

If you would like to attend an adults session please register online here before you attend so that we have relevant contact and medical details.

Annual Membership is due after your second visit. Membership includes membership to British Gymnastics and relevant Insurance cover. The membership fee will be automatically added to your account after your second session. It can be paid online via your account that you opened on registration or on arrival at a class by cash or card. Membership is currently £30 and is renewed every September.

Book Online
We are pleased to also offer online booking for individual sessions as well. Click here for session bookings (card payment required).

Session Times

Day Time Level Session Fee Student Fee
Tuesday 8pm-9.30pm Advanced £7 Per Session £5 Per Session
Wednesday 8pm-9.30pm Beginners/ Intermediate £7 Per Session £5 Per Session
Thursday 8pm-9.30pm Beginners/ Intermediate £7 Per Session £5 Per Session
Friday 8pm-9.30pm Beginners/ Intermediate/ Advanced* £7 Per Session £5 Per Session

Student Discount
Keeping in line with our community ethos we offer a student discount on all adult gymnastics sessions.
Valid ID will need to be shown for the discount to be applied. We accept NUS, ISIC or University or College cards with an expiry date. If you are still at school then an ID card or supporting letter from your school will be accepted. In the event of a dispute the Head of Adults Gymnastics will make a final decision.

Minimum Age
You must be 16 or over to attend an adults class. If you are 16 or 17 a parent or carer will need to complete a registration form giving consent for you to attend.

For more information on Adults Gymnastics please contact Levent Charles –