Competition Squads

SGC offer competitive squads for three disciplines – Team Gym, Women’s Artistic and Tumbling. We also run an Advanced Gymnastics for All Programme which competes on a regional level at Floor and Vault.

Younger competitive gymnasts will often begin in a Mini Squad and will be aiming to move up into one of the senior competition squads. It’s not impossible to be selected from outside of a Mini Squad but it happens less often.

Before starting competitive Gymnastics it is worth remembering that it is demanding both on parents and gymnasts alike. Money wise our fees vary from roughly £40-£70 per month but still adds up to a lot. And then there is the juggling act between school work, home life, work and social demands. As well as training time there are the competitions to add in and the costs of kit, tracksuits and leotards.

Gymnastics is also a physically and emotionally demanding sport and pushes children from a young age. For this reason we offer spaces on an invitational basis only.

Team Gym Squads
A spectacular and dynamic discipline that emerged from Scandinavian countries over the last couple of decades. It covers three areas – Floor, Tumbling and Trampette.

One moment you’re performing a hypnotic floor routine. The next, you’re somersaulting down the runway. The pressure’s on. But your mates are right there with you every step of the way.
Team Gym takes skills from other types of gymnastics and adds a team element. So you can train and perform right alongside your mates. If you enjoy working and having fun as part of a group, you’ll get a kick out of Team Gym right from your very first day.

Gymnasts at every level will be expected to demonstrate the ability to work well as part of a team.

Tumbling Squad
As a country Great Britain is a main player in the Tumbling world. Kristoff Willerton (Andover) was the Men’s World Champion in 2013 and Rachael Letsche (Wakefield) was the Women’s World Champion in 2014.

You’re thundering down the runway, launching into your fifth backflip in a row. For a moment it feels like the whole world is rotating around you. Then it’s over. And that’s when the crowd goes crazy.
Tumbling is a truly breath-taking type of gymnastics. It’s all about somersaults, flips and twists – and linking them together, one right after the other.

At Southwark our Tumble Track is only half of the full size competitive 25 metre track so for that reason we train at other facilities as often as possible including in Gillingham and Bromley Valley.

Floor and Vault
Our Floor and Vault Squad has built its competitive reputation through the floor and vault programme in London which regularly draws over 1500 gymnasts to a single weekend of competition! The format of the competition is simple – score in the top six (Apparatus scores combined) at the South Zone competition. The top six gymnasts from each age category in both North and South Zone competitions will qualify to compete at the London Regional GfA Finals which will be held at Redbridge, Sunday 26 November 2017.

Women’s Artistic
Women’s Artistic gymnasts compete on four pieces of apparatus, Floor, Vault, A-Bars and Beam. It’s the newest discipline to be competed at the club and for this reason the programme is still taking shape. Artistic gymnasts will initially be working towards grades and twin piece competitions with a view to expanding the programme when gymnasts are ready.