Disability Gymnastics

We’re keen to provide opportunities for children with a disability to take part in the sport. Disability gymnastics is open to anyone who cannot access a mainstream class (such as GfA) and focuses on what a person can do not on what they can’t do. Classes are smaller in size and where it is appropriate 1 to 1 coaching is provided.

In partnership with Sportswork Ltd and with funding from the National Lottery we are able to provide a free session for children aged 6 - 12 with a disability every Saturday from 5pm - 6pm. Due to Covid this class has been put on hold but we are aiming to restart the session in September 2020. If you are interested in joining please contact the office on 0203 978 1430 or info@southwarkgymnastics.co.uk

Gymnasts work towards Tumbling Stars badges, performing at the End of Year Show and competing at the annual Club Championships. We are also developing the programme to include more events outside of the club and hopefully in the near future to also provide opportunities for adults with disabilities to take part.