Gymnastics for All (GfA)

GfA is our Programme for recreational level gymnasts and comprises a one-hour session per week that teaches the fundamentals of Gymnastics in a fun
and safe environment. Gymnasts work towards achieving Proficiency Awards and have the opportunity to take part in the annual end-of-year show
and club championships. GfA is open to all abilities between the ages of four and fifteen.

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Waiting List
Please note that we no longer keep a waiting list for individual classes as they get very long and unmanageable. Instead, you should complete an online registration after which you can look for classes with immediate openings. If a class is full, please keep checking regularly as several gymnasts move at the end of every month. We will also email you about class openings to those gymnasts that are registered but not yet in a class. All spaces will be filled on a first come first-served basis.
(Gymnasts that were previously put on the old waiting list will still be contacted first about spaces)

Monthly Fees

GfA classes are £28 per month (no charge for August).

Your first month’s fee (and annual membership) is payable as part of the online enrolment process. You can also request a trial session before you enrol.

If you join part way through a calendar month the first month will be prorated.

NO Classes
Monday 13th December 2021 to Sunday 2nd January 2022
Tuesday 5th April 2022 to Monday 18th April 2022
Monday 1st August 2022 to Sunday 4th September 2022
Please note we stay open as usual through half-terms.

Payment Dates
Payments are charged via the I Class Pro Portal on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Once you have saved your payment details this will be taken automatically.
16th September 2021 - October 2021 and Annual Membership
21st October 2021 for November 2021
18th November 2021 for December 2021
16th December 2021 for January 2022
20th January 2022 for February 2022
17th February 2022 for March 2022
17th March 2022 for April 2022
21st April 2022 for May 2022
19th May 2022 for June 2022
16th June 2022 for July 2022

Please note that these are the dates that we charge your card however, it may take a few days to appear on your account.

Sibling Discount
Siblings are discounted 20% so will automatically be charged £22 per month.
Discount is only applied to monthly class fees and not annual membership.

Discounts are not given for illness as you are paying for your space within the class however if your child has a long term injury or illness please contact the
office and we will consider any options that can be offered.

Moving Class or Leaving
At the end of each term, the office will contact you if your child is of the age required to move up a class.
There is no minimum enrolment period so you can stop attending a class at any point without being charged for additional classes. Please contact the office
to let us know that you are leaving or use your customer portal to drop a class, and we will then stop any upcoming payment requests. If you do not attend
four sessions in a row or do not make a payment by the requested deadline, without informing us, we will assume that you have left and will offer your space
to someone on the waiting list.

Annual Membership
Membership will be requested in October. Bronze Membership is required as it includes memberships to SGC, British Gymnastics and London Gymnastics.
Discounts have been applied to the membership year 2020/21 to take into account the missed sessions due to lockdowns.

£25 if joining September - October 2021

If you join later in the membership year:
- £23 if joining during November - December 2021
- £21 January - February 2022
- £20 March - April 2022
- £19 May - June 2022
- £18 July - August 2022

Members are automatically fully insured to take part in all activities and receive a digital welcome pack from BG. Benefits also include discounts to Merlin Attractions such as the London Eye and Madam Tussauds.
The Annual Membership Year runs October 1st 2021 - September 31st 2022 therefore the deadline for renewing your membership is the end of September.
If you are a new member joining for the first time, Membership will be charged after your trial session.
If you have any questions about the enrolment process or need help please contact the office or 0203 978 1430.
The office is open Monday to Friday 10am – 3pm.

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Core Proficiency Award Scheme
How many awards are there?
There are eight levels to complete – (Level 8 being the easiest / Level 1 being the most difficult). Gymnasts must achieve 8 out of the 10 skills to pass their badge. As the badges become more difficult, they will take longer to achieve and will require determination and hard work from the gymnasts at these levels. We will also ensure ALL gymnasts receive a certificate for hard work at the end of each term.

What do they learn?
The gymnast's progress through the awards, starting with learning their basic shapes, jumps and movement patterns, before building on their basic skills and learning cartwheels, handstands, rolls and basic vaulting skills. Gymnasts will still train Bar, Beam, Trampette, Floor and Vault skills alongside the badge scheme program.

How often will they achieve a skill?
The aim is that a gymnast will achieve one new skill per week, however, all children progress at different levels and all our skills are taught progressively, so although the awards are there for the gymnasts to aim for, they are not the sole purpose of our program; the purpose is to teach them the basics of gymnastics in a structured environment so that they can build upon and use these skills in the future.

How will my child be assessed?
All coaches have been instructed to continuously measure gymnast’s technique, artistry and neatness to ‘competition standard’ throughout the term and tick off the skills individually as and when the child completes them.

When will my child receive their badge and how much does the badge cost?
Upon completing a level, parents will be notified by email with a link to purchase the certificate and badge priced at £5.50

What happens if my child does not successfully complete 8 out of 10 skills?
The gymnast would continue to work on the required skills. All gymnasts will still receive a certificate for their hard work at the end of the term.

Please feel free to contact us via or
0203 978 1430

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