Southwark GC Is Becoming Synergy Gymnastics London

Club Statement 10th June 2022

We are expanding!
On June 18th we will be running our first sessions at a new training venue in Blackheath. We are very excited as the venue is a purpose-built gymnastics centre with state-of-the-art equipment which has been closed for a couple of years since a previous club moved out.
By reopening the disused venue, we will be able to offer even more children (and adults) the opportunity to get involved in gymnastics and stay active.
This opportunity will also give our competitive squad gymnasts regular access to the facilities they need to become regular national and international level competitors. Up until now many of our highest-level gymnasts have had to leave and move onto bigger clubs in other parts of London and beyond so they can reach their full potential.
Because the new venue is outside of Southwark, we have decided the time is right to drop the name ‘Southwark Gymnastics Club’ which has been used over the last 10 years or so.
Our new club name is…. (drum roll please)
Synergy Gymnastics London
It is not a completely new name as one of our Display Teams has been performing under this name for a few years and because we liked it, we’re sure it will become a good fit.
None of the core values that are important to us will change just because of the name change.
In fact, we will be using these opportunities to work even harder at providing the highest quality coaching that is affordable, inclusive and for everyone in our local communities.
We are still a not-for-profit Community Interest Company that continually reinvests back into the club and that will never change!
A few things to look out for over the next few weeks:
  • A new logo and branding (thanks to the amazing Bryson Loxley)
  • New contact email addresses
  • A new website
  • Name changes on social media
  • New kit and accessories in the club shop
  • A change of name on your bank statement when making payments
What won’t change:
  • The I Class Pro Parent Portal (though the name on our account will be updated)
  • The club phone number
  • The existing timetables and venues
If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.
Best Regards,
SGC / Synergy Gymnastics London